Forts around Mathura and Bharatpur

Forts around Bharatpur and Mathura
Original map courtesy of the University of Texas Libraries, The University of Texas at Austin.(Click to enlarge)
  1. Adeeg/Aring – 27.4859735, 77.5287098
  2. Dig/Deeg – 27.4706678, 77.3289871
  3. Kumher – 27.3151252, 77.3791391
  4. Bharatpur/Lohargarh – 27.2205842, 77.4956703
  5. Sewar – 27.1904222, 77.4419188
  6. Fatehpur Sikri – 27.0904217, 77.6672029
  7. Weir – 27.0167917, 77.1750069
  8. Randheergarh/Randhirgarh – 27.0181441, 77.005797
  9. Mahwah – 27.0395614, 76.916104
  10. Jatwara – 27.2637902, 76.8785906
  11. Mandawar also known as Abhaydurg – 27.1516604, 76.858997
  12. Rajgarh – 27.2341216, 76.6156054

    Rajgarh is spread over a vast area and different parts of the fort are not completely connected to each other. See these maps for all the portions visible on Wikimapia.

  13. Alwar also known as Bala Quila – 27.5825083, 76.5865946
  14. Firozpur Jhirka – 27.7893333, 76.9415474
  15. Govindgarh – 27.5129912, 77.0054644 also see this post.
  16. Laxmangarh – 27.3632969, 76.8607485

    ..and two other structures that look like fortifications near Laxmangarh.

And for the sake of interest, I’ve marked Khanua/Khanwa on the map to locate the place of the famous Battle of Khanua.


The Two Laxman(s)…garhs

With two tehsils with similar names in the same state, it is easy to get lost. Thankfully, the district names are different.

Laxmangarh, Alwar district, Rajasthan
The Gazetteer of Ulwar mentions that

the old name of Lachhmangarh was Taur. Partap Singh got possession of the place from Sariip Singh, and enlarged the fort and renamed it Lachmangarh. The
fort subsequently endured a seige laid by Najaf Khan.

More information about the history around the district is available at:

The walls and bastions are barely visible on Google Maps and Wikimapia. The fort would hardly be recognizable if the moat was not as prominent in the center of the town. I would not be surprised if even this sign of a fort is covered up and gone in the decades to come.

On the ridge south-east of Laxmangarh are two more structures that look like fortifications.

Laxmangarh in Sikar district

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