Why locate forts? Why not temples or migratory birds, celebrities or the bottle-shop that sells a wide range of single malt?

I had been fascinated by forts and fortifications for years before I started this blog. A large part of my fascination with forts stemmed from my interest in maps, history and military architecture.

Starting a blog was motivated by my frustration at other bloggers and writers. Every single one invariably described the architecture, how to get there, the environs, etc. None of them, however, pointed out where exactly on the map the forts are. I spent countless hours following the directions in these posts and travelogues to figure out the forts on a map, with most hunts ending up in frustration at the lack of an exact Lat/Long for the fort.

Fortmapper.in is driven by location, not history or the names of the forts and personalities involved with them, not even the people who built them. Anyone who has dealt with Indian history at a level deeper than that taught in our schools would know that sometimes even documented history can be misleading or confusing at best. The problem gets compounded when trying to find forts. They change hands, kingdoms and rulers come and go, rulers change names of forts, they redesign them, or construct new ones over older forts, they destroy them. Abandoned forts disappear under forests and foliage, under subsequent human activity or get re-purposed. Ultimately, a fort’s only identity that stands the test of time is its location. Therefore, the first step in locating a fort is to locate it, down to the exact map reference or co-ordinates.

That is what this blog will attempt to accomplish. It will not attempt to describe the history of the forts or attempt to analyse the military architecture, there are better qualified people for that. I may take that up if I find other sources lacking or find elements that fascinate me. Above all, it will document the exact location of as many forts in India as possible. I consider that in itself to be a major task, going by:

  1. the number of books and websites that talk about the history, battles and personalities surrounding the forts but fail to mention the location or general area.
  2. the amount of time I have spent in locating some forts despite the great historical and architectural descriptions in such books and webpages.

Finally, if there is a fort you are trying to find, looking for suggestions on forts to visit around a given area or have pictures of forts to share, email me at:

shehjar (AT) fortmapper (DOT) in


13 thoughts on “About

  1. hi,

    nice work.
    Thanks for very interesting information.
    pl.guide me where i find this type of information on maharashtra forts?


    1. hello sandeep sir,
      this is neha chavan from bharati vidyapeeth college of architecture, navi mumbai… by reading ur & shehjar sir’s conversation came to know that u must have done some work regarding forts of maharashtra…..even i m doing my final year thesis on ‘conservation of forts of maharashtra’. if you don’t mind i would really like to discus my thesis topic with you. so can you please give me your contact no. or email adress?
      thank you.

  2. Sandeep, thanks for leaving a comment. There is in fact no one page that lists all the forts in Maharashtra or even India, although I am trying to do exactly that. In the mean time, I am afraid only googling will help you prepare an exhaustive list.

  3. i am interested to point out forts in maharashtra, i worked on Maharashtra forts let me know if you are interested in any volunteer assistance.

  4. hello sir..
    this is neha chavan from bharati vidyapeeth college of architecture, navi mumbai. forts are the area of my special interest & doing my final year thesis on conservation of forts in Maharashtra.trying to find out the solution to save the forts. right now i m done with my ground study. you must be knowing that in maharashtra one can find a particular planning of forts, two tyapes of it 1. clusters of forts & 2. chain of forts. to show all of them on a single map is a need of a project. for that trying to locate all the forts of Maharashtra, around 391 on a single map, but neither getting such a high resolution map nor i have any idea how to do it( the process) will you please help me for that, may i get the map of maharashtra of higher resolution, which you have used to locate the forts, this is only for educational purpose, no misuse will happen with the map…………really hoping for it.
    thank you..
    neha chavan…

  5. Very interesting. Your effort to document forts especially the unknown ones is commendable. I manage a website aimed at documenting unprotected heritage of India. The emphasis is to talk about heritage and raise awareness so that a database accessible to all can be created through community participation. At least digitally document our heritage resources before they disappear !!! The site is http://www.indiaheritagehub.org

      1. I have a few old emails from you…I am going to update the database with those first. if you have other areas to start looking into, I am happy to start with that.

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