Forts around Bellary

The Maps

Forts around Bellary
Courtesy of the University of Texas Libraries, The University of Texas at Austin.

Link to original map

  1. Bellary – 15.1493518,76.910069
  2. Sandur – 15.0953385,76.5545154
  3. Gulyapalyam/Gulapalem – 15.0948309,77.3787904
  4. Gooty – 15.1130199,77.6513457
  5. Neruducherla/Neraduchelda – 15.2068819,77.9081941
  6. Adoni – 15.6469241,77.2765875
  7. Rajavolu/Rajoli – 15.8885833,77.8265154

Update: Two more forts found in this area.

  1. Tekkalakota – 15.5346159,76.8808115
  2. Racherla – 15.239585,77.9457343

2 thoughts on “Forts around Bellary

  1. Siddheshwar: Thanks.
    Anegundi is part of the map:

    Hanamanth Goudana Kote

    is marked as part of:

    I didnt know the name so I’ve updated it with your info.

    I couldnt find these. Can you help please?
    Kampli Fort
    Kummata Durga Fort

    Kurnool Fort
    Will be part of a different post.


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