Forts around Anantapur and Chitradurga

The Maps

Forts around Anantapur

Original map courtesy of the University of Texas Libraries, The University of Texas at Austin.(Click to enlarge).

Click here for the original map

The Forts

  1. Unknown – 14.7652551,77.7951443
  2. Gangampalli – 14.0521009,77.8128308
  3. Penukonda – 14.0828434,77.5894403
  4. Pavagada – 14.1046229,77.2774029
  5. Nidugal – 14.1509534,77.0879638
  6. Unknown Near Ramagiri – 14.3078324,77.4672496
  7. Ramadurga – 14.406147,76.5428156
  8. Rayadurga – 14.7042261,76.8421715
  9. Kalyandurga/Kalyandurgam – 14.5445808,77.1062994
    Wikimapia image does not help locate the fort but the Wikipedia page on Kalyandurg confirms that there is a fort here.
  10. Aymangala/Aimangala – 14.0978698,76.5367055
  11. Nagalapur – 14.3187896,77.2712499
    I am not too sure if this is actually a fortification. Someone on wikimapia thinks it is.

Apart from these, an older post links to more forts around Chitradurga.


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