Forts around Dharwar-Hospet-Badami Triangle

The Maps

Forts around Dharwad-Hospet-Badami Triangle
Original map courtesy of the University of Texas Libraries, The University of Texas at Austin.(Click to enlarge)

The Forts

  1. Gajendragarh
  2. Shantagiri
  3. Belur
  4. Wankandrug or Vakkandurg
  5. Chikanal
  6. Gudur
  7. Kelur
  8. Mangalgud
  9. Badami –
    Southern part, Northern
  10. Mudkavi/Mudakavi
  11. Ramdurg
  12. Sirsangi, Govankop
  13. Hooli
  14. Parasgad
  15. Saundatti
  16. Nargund
  17. Anegundi
  18. Hampi
  19. Koppal
  20. Bahadur Banda
  21. Hamgi/Hammagi
  22. HoLalavvana Gudda,Srimantha Ghada Fort
  23. Mundargi
  24. Rangapur
  25. Torgal
  26. Munnavali

Clustering of Forts
There are clearly three different clusters of forts in this map. The top half of the map contains two clusters, one to the west of the hill range and the other to the east. A thin ridge connects the two clusters and a bulge of plains that also extends southwards with Gadag at the center of this plain region.

The third southern cluster is obviously meant to protect access to the Tungabhadra river south of the cluster.

Thanks to Siddeshwar for pointing out some of the forts listed in this post and for putting up pictures from his travels to those forts at his blog.


One thought on “Forts around Dharwar-Hospet-Badami Triangle

  1. hi,
    this is neha chavan, you have done really good work. i m an architecture student, studying in bharati vidyapeeth college of architecture navi mumbai. & doing my final year thesis on conservation of forts in Maharashtra. for that trying to locate all the forts of Maharashtra, around 391 on a single map, but i m not getting such a high resolution map, will you please help me for that, may i get the map of maharashtra of hogher resolution, which u used to locate the forts, this is only for educational purpose, no misuse will happen with the map…………really hoping for it.
    thank you..
    neha chavan…

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