Forts around Davangere

Forts around Davangere and Chitradurga
Original map courtesy of the University of Texas Libraries, The University of Texas at Austin.(Click to enlarge)

The nine forts around Davangere and Chitradurga and as always the map on top marks the forts I could locate on Google Maps in blue and those I could not, in red.

  1. Chitradurga – 14.2097243, 76.394248
  2. Uchangidurga – 14.5608847,76.0482967
  3. Fortification adjacent to Uchangidurga – 14.5475198, 76.0389894
  4. Uchchangipura – 14.6020803,76.1523074
  5. Kanakuppa – 14.5528056,76.2886763
  6. Arani – 14.6045565,75.8034378
  7. Angargatti – 14.351689,75.5197218
  8. Shakara/Shyakar/Hanamanth Goudana Kote – 14.8662071,75.7054889
  9. Savanur – 14.9761499,75.335505

    There is a fort wall on the south of the town and and south east along the lake. Also refer to the book The Nawabs of Savanur By Krishnaji Nageshrao Chitnis.

  10. Bankapur – 14.9236995, 75.2527642
  11. Channagiri

For more info on some of these forts, see these two pages.

Update: Added Channagiri to the list and updated the map based on information from Siddeshwar

Udpate: Added more info about the fort at Shakara with the name of the fort, i.e. Hanamanth Goudana Kote. Thanks to Siddeshwar for pointing out.


4 thoughts on “Forts around Davangere

  1. Channagiri Fort (14°1’19″N 75°55’17″E) should be in this list. Distance between Davangere and Channagiri is about 80 kilometers.

  2. Got the information finally atleast here, for which I was searching on Google from so many days. Thank you very much for such an excellent and consolidated information about forts near Davanagere

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