Forts around Belgaum

Forts in Belgaum
Original map courtesy of the University of Texas Libraries, The University of Texas at Austin.(Click to enlarge)
  1. Belgaum – 15.8582227,74.5244586
  2. Rajhansgad also known as Yellurgarh – 15.7573404,74.5260626
  3. Kalanidhgarh – 15.860153,74.252086
  4. Mahipalgarh – 15.9020078,74.3833423
  5. Gandharvagarh – 15.9543662,74.2411745
  6. Unknown near Vannur – 15.9898203,74.8747846
  7. Subapur/Somapur – 15.902565,74.9809921
  8. Anandgarh – 15.5596271, 74.5268726
  9. Pargarh/Pargad – 15.8169261,74.0453196
  10. Hanumangarh – 15.8504048,73.9707595
  11. Bhimgad – 15.5971214, 74.2971468
  12. Haliyal – 15.3347149,74.7540879
  13. Kittur – 15.6006349,74.791671

Belgaum’s Natural Fortifications

The fortified defenses around Belgaum are helped by the natural fortification surrounding them. In all directions there is a range or a ridge that blocks direct access into the flat area in which Belgaum is situated.


5 thoughts on “Forts around Belgaum

  1. Thank you for this informative post.

    Probably you can add Saundatti, Parasgad, Torgal and Munvalli, Ramdurg and
    Vallabhgad forts to the list.

  2. Thanks. Those forts are in my list and I’ll be bringing their info online as I go through my list. Even you could help by mapping them on a Google map. Send me a link and I’ll put them up here.

  3. Hooli fort can be added even though the fort walls have crumbled to a heap of stones.

    Munavalli 15°51’17″N 75°7’24″E
    Parasgad 15°44’21″N 75°7’42″E
    Ramdurga 15°56’49″N 75°17’31″E
    Torgal 15°56’38″N 75°13’16″E
    Vallabhgad Fort 16°16’46″N 74°27’36″E
    Hooli 15°48’11″N 75°11’41″E
    Sirsangi Fort 15°52’4″N 75°15’30″E

  4. Thanks! I think most of these are to the east of Belgaum. I’ll map these soon hopefully. I am working on another map of forts around Mathura and Bharatpur these days. Will come back to these forts after that.

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