The Gap in Kaimur

While reading about Rohtasgarh, the Wikipedia page on Kaimur range threw up an interesting fact.

At Jhukehi, the strike of the Kaimurs is displaced, producing the only gap in the whole length of the Vindhyas. Advantage of the gap is taken in the construction of the Mirzapur road and the Jabalpur-Allahabad railway line.

The need to guard the approaches to such a gap is a first sign that there may be fortifications in the area.

The forts of Vijayraghavgarh and Kanhwara are for exactly that purpose.



Neither are directly on the Jabalpur-Allahabad road but then fortifications do not have to be precisely next to the feature they protect.

Kanhwara and Vijayraghavgarh(Click to enlarge)

Original map courtesy of the University of Texas Libraries, The University of Texas at Austin.(Click to enlarge)


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